Friday, June 27, 2008

Water and all

In due course of time, after satisfying myself with the achievements like setting up a Library - a reading room, a small shop with the needy medicines, a cinema tent and such, I started concentrating on protected water supply while persuing the matter of electrification with REC. A few hundreds of letters were written and prominent one among them was a letter written to the then Prime Minister of the Country Shri Charan Singh who accepted my approach. I was invited to Delhi and It was a day most memorable in my life when I could convince the REC people for electrification of the village. An order was issued accordingly and I was quite happy that my presence in the village could yield some fruitful results though it costed me heavily.
Soon after coming back I requested the Zilla Parishad to grant Water Scheme to supply protected water to the entire village. Survey team was sent by them.

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