Thursday, June 26, 2008


The blog is named as Dark Days of Life, but factually this is related to the dark days of a village by name Seetharampuram situated to the west of Nellore in Nellore District of Andhra Pradesh around 130-150 km away from the District Head Quarters. The Block head quarters being Udayagiri. Between Udayagiri and Seetharampuram one has to cross a Canal which had no bridge in those days and one has to pass through a forest near Basinepalli. There were wild animals too in between since it happen to be a valley and sorrounded by hills. The Population of the village might be 10000 including the nearby villages in the valley and one Mr Subba Raju was the Village head in those days. The main activity for the men in the village was cultivation and this was based on mostly rainfall. There were a few drinking water wells of large size and a few other wells water of which could be used only for other usages. Sheep rearing, piggery were the main activities. The women were engaged in bringing water to the homes from the wells situated far off from the residential localities. As such women could not generate any supplementary income to the families. There was no medical facility, nor even a small medical shop serving the villagers for a small need like a headache tablet like Anacin etc. No protected water facility, no electiricity, no cinema hall, no other possibility of recreation, no news paper facility, no phone and what not. There was a small police station with a wireless connection and that was the only one communication mode available. This is the corner village of the District with the other district boundaries like Cuddapah, Prakasam.
One has to take food by evening 5.00 since darkness enters into the village faster due to a hill on its west side. Kerosine Lamp was the only one in the houses. Sometimes the Canal in between Udayagiri and Seetharampuram over flows suddenly due to rain or some such on the hills and no one knew what time the canal overflows. If this happen the link - bus link gets broken from the District Head quarters. The other side road to the village is from Tekurpet/Porumamilla in Cuddapah District and once again one has to pass through a Jungle and cross a hill to enter into the village. The other side into the Prakasam district is all the more dangerous since it was a rough road and again through a jungle.
Let us not dream about the petrol supply for any vehicle and if by chance someone owns a scooter or motor cycle, he has to keep reserve of a tin of petrol bringing it either from Udayagiri or from Atmakur etc.
It had a small school upto the elementary level since children never preferred to go to a school. The land owning might be 3-4 acres per household. Syndicate Bank preferred its branch as the lead bank of the district and it opened its branch somewhere in the month of January 1977 or so. One Mr SMMK Varadachari was the first manager posted to the place and the branch was located in a two room small house by the side of Police Station. There were hardly few police staff in the police station. Perhaps the village had three or four RCC roof houses in the village. One is for the Police Station, one for the Bank, one for the Bank Manager and the other being the Village Office. The rest of the houses were either of tile roofs or tatched roofs.
Though it was a short distance the bus journey to the village took more than six hours either from Nellore or from Kavali. There were two buses from Nellore and one bus from Kavali which used to leave around 6.00 or so and reach Seetharampuram by 12.00 noon or a little later. The buses from Kavali or Nellore were halting in between for breakfast and thus taking a break of an hour or so. The loading and unloading of the goods was again a time consuming factor. Only buses could carry the vegetables and other essentials of the villagers.
It was a matter of surprise as to why the leaders elected from the constituency did not pay any required attention to the village for the minimum basic needs, leave alone electrification.


pushpa said...

Hi, I am resident ot seetharamapuram. nice to see your message on blog

Asirvad Krishna said...

It really nice to see my AMMAAMMA village - Asirvad Godugunoor,Badvel

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Hi, I am resident ot seetharamapuram village of singareddy palli . nice to see our town blge ,