Friday, June 27, 2008

One Fine Morning

One fine morning I got up and to my surprise I say good number of vehicle entering into the village. Since the village was in a valley, I could see the fleet of vehicles from the top of the hill. They were enquiring about me - the bank manager. They belong to Electricity Board and REC and they gave me a pleasant news of electrifying the village. When they were talking to me, heavy load vehicles too entered with the Electrical Polls. The officials desired me to specify a spot in token memory of my efforts for Electrification of the village.
They dumped a poll in front of my house too. They said that electrical wire would be drawn in due course of time.
In the meantime, perhaps, the same day, I received my transfer orders to another Village by name Kota in the same district and reliever too suddenly appeared before me.
I left the village saluting the land, with one sad feeling that I could not see one electrical bulb burning in the street and in houses, but amidst a cheerful send off when the entire village was present at the Bus Stand.


Francis said...

Seetharampuram This is the village where I come from,I was born in 1971 I lived in this village not for long as my father migrated to Pune for better life. Though this village is my home town.I vist the village when evre I get a chance,Infact I was married in this village in 1997.It was good to know the bygonedays of this Village and Mr Ashvmedhayyaji the Bank manager and his dark days.Many thanks to you Sir for your efforts to bring this village into life.This village now looks like a town. I will defentely speak about this to my Father and others in the village.Now I am living in Australia. I was delighetd to read about this vilage. Thanks.

Aswamedhayaaji said...

I am extremely happy to see your message through this as well through a mail to my mailer id. There is nothing greater than MATHRU BHOOMI or JANMA BHOOMI. It is a temple village or town for you as your second part of life started in this village, after marriage. I remember the sweetness of the hearts of local innocent people with whom I lived for long sharing all their pleasantness or otherwise. There are many such villages in our country and only PEOPLE LIKE YOU are the future hopes of these villages, though Government contribute its best. Let us now and then visit and bring a smile on our lips seeing the progress achieved by the local people. I am always ready to visit along with you any time. Please do indicate me the day so that I can also join. Let us also together do anything we have to do to that village. Dr Sesha Sai Aswamedhayaaji