Friday, June 27, 2008

Officially I was Successful

Villagers started feeling me as one among them and started sharing their comforts and discomforts more than to an elected leader of the village. I reached the business target for 1978 too. I paid attention to the cropping pattern in the village and started physically verifying the fields while inviting the Government Officials in the related fields by organizing camps on different topics.
Yet, my eldest daughter could not go for proper education those two years and I failed in that area. My second daughter newly born could not be given proper tin food as suggested by the Doctors for the relevant age due to non availability of medical shops in the area and frequently we were forced to run to Kavali or Nellore for such purposes. Most of my salary was spent either for the village development activities or for bearing the additional cost of living.
I requested for change of placement from the area and the Management did not agree initially for my repeated pleadings perhaps with a reason that a suitable substitute could not be immediately located or may be that no other officer was willing to take up the responsibility compromising personal comforts.
Sacrificing the personal comforts was a serious matter which was thought of by each staff then and now too.
In the meantime records proved me as the only officer of a bank staying in an unelectrified village for as long as 28 months or so (physically staying in the village).

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