Friday, June 27, 2008

The First Light thro a Diesel Engine

Somehow I was successful when I persuaded Sri Subba Raju - one of the contractors of the village to set up one cinema tent and he bought one cinema tent with a single projector from somewhere near Chittoor and brought the tent to the Village. A trail run was done after setting up the Tent and the single projector. One small 80 watt bulb started blickering at a hight which was visible for all the villagers. That day was really a day when the people of the village was shown what a bulb was and how it gives light. A loudspeaker was set up and songs were played on it with a mike on advertisement lines as to what picture was on display. Only one show was shown by the exhibitor. Film reels of the old pictures were brought to the village through the only available transport - the public transportation bus. The picture was exhibited from 7.30 p.m onwards when all the villagers complete their routine work and get some free time. Every twenty to thirty minutes there were breaks after a reel for the change of the reel since the cinema was exhibited on a single projector. Ten minutes break was given for each reel and during that time tea, snacks etc were sold in the hall. The tent used to get filled up with smoke through cigars, cigarettes, local beedis etc and it was eye burning situation for those who were sitting in the hall. The picture was exhibited till midnight and there was only one show a day.
This was surely a land mark in the lives of the villagers and I was quite happy when villagers approached me and thanked me for initiating setting up of a cinema tent. Even today - say after 30 years or so villagers surely remember that historic day of the village

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Francis said...

I am not sure but it was in 1983 summer,I visited Seetharampuram for my holidays,then I went to watch a movie in this tent,It was LUV& KUSH starring The great NTR.
Till people were sitting on sand to watch movie and me as well watched the movie siting on the sand,beneath the screaming and smoke of the cigar .But till today it is the only one cinema tent in the village and people come to watch movies from other villages. As the technology has gone global Now people of this village have T.V DVD players, most of the youngsters go to Nellore to watch the new real eased movies.
I would Like to Thank you Mr Ashwemedhyyaji for bringing the joy of a Cinema to this dark village, no doubt it is still one of the biggest entertainment in India and specially for people of south India.