Friday, April 1, 2016

I am thrilled to receive a letter from a great person of the darkest village

Dr P V Sesha Sai
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31st March 2016

Dear friends and like minded persons

I could not communicate for a long time due to heavy load of work and travel in tune with different matters.  Today, My energies are re-awakened  when I received a letter from Mr Francis Pidtala from Australia.  Wonder is that he is from a darkest  village situated in the district of Nellore by name Seetharampuram and he has grown to such a great height from a very very remote area.  I have something to do with the village.

You will understand what connection do I have with that Village when you see my blog  I worked in that Un-electrified village by name SEETHARAMPURAM for 27 months as Manager of Syndicate Bank Branch.  I was not aware that we have such remote village till I entered into that village.  The Village did not have Electricity; water facility; medical aid; library; post office etc.  By evening 5  p.m., the village goes into darkness since the village is in a valley with a hill on its western side. Almost every day I have a scorpion bite and many a times snakes entered into our house, and it was almost a nightmare. 

My eldest daughter was hardly 5 years and second daughter was just born.  I was to spend heavily from and out of my meagre salary,  for bringing water from the agricultural wells situated a bit far off from the village. 

I thought I can do justice to my presence in the village if I encourage someone to put up a medical shop with a meagre of Rs.1000 and I purchased number of books and started a library for the benefits of villagers.  I tried to gain confidence of the villagers using my Click III camera and taking photographs for the villagers and getting the prints from a very far off place and distributing the photos to the villagers free of cost. Even today, I have retained the oldest camera with which I could take hardly 12 snaps for a reel. 

I still remember pain of the scorpion bites of those days, and some of my experiences are placed in a blog  I am extremely happy Mr Francis has touched my heart with his letter appended hereunder

Dr P V Sesha Sai
Hello Sir,
How are you doing!
Hope you are keeping well with your health.
 I am writing to you after a long time.  Wanted to share with you about my visit to Seetharampuram after 18 long years.It was a pleasure to visit this dark village after long time. The dark village has transformed into a town with not only electricity but with Internet cafes and people using smart phones. It looks more busy then before with frequency of transport and most people own their mode of transport. The village has a college and a school as well.  I have managed to visit the syndicate bank unfortunately the manager was on leave.Got couple of pictures.  hope this pictures and mail bring backs some of your memories from the dark village.

Thank you
Francis       March 22/2016
Hello Sir
How are you!
I'm really sorry I'm not travelling to Hyderabad this time.
But will definitely visit next time to Hyderabad to meet you.
I'm on my way back to Australia from Mumbai.
Francis       March 25/2016

Saturday, June 28, 2008

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Friday, June 27, 2008

One Fine Morning

One fine morning I got up and to my surprise I say good number of vehicle entering into the village. Since the village was in a valley, I could see the fleet of vehicles from the top of the hill. They were enquiring about me - the bank manager. They belong to Electricity Board and REC and they gave me a pleasant news of electrifying the village. When they were talking to me, heavy load vehicles too entered with the Electrical Polls. The officials desired me to specify a spot in token memory of my efforts for Electrification of the village.
They dumped a poll in front of my house too. They said that electrical wire would be drawn in due course of time.
In the meantime, perhaps, the same day, I received my transfer orders to another Village by name Kota in the same district and reliever too suddenly appeared before me.
I left the village saluting the land, with one sad feeling that I could not see one electrical bulb burning in the street and in houses, but amidst a cheerful send off when the entire village was present at the Bus Stand.

Officially I was Successful

Villagers started feeling me as one among them and started sharing their comforts and discomforts more than to an elected leader of the village. I reached the business target for 1978 too. I paid attention to the cropping pattern in the village and started physically verifying the fields while inviting the Government Officials in the related fields by organizing camps on different topics.
Yet, my eldest daughter could not go for proper education those two years and I failed in that area. My second daughter newly born could not be given proper tin food as suggested by the Doctors for the relevant age due to non availability of medical shops in the area and frequently we were forced to run to Kavali or Nellore for such purposes. Most of my salary was spent either for the village development activities or for bearing the additional cost of living.
I requested for change of placement from the area and the Management did not agree initially for my repeated pleadings perhaps with a reason that a suitable substitute could not be immediately located or may be that no other officer was willing to take up the responsibility compromising personal comforts.
Sacrificing the personal comforts was a serious matter which was thought of by each staff then and now too.
In the meantime records proved me as the only officer of a bank staying in an unelectrified village for as long as 28 months or so (physically staying in the village).

Water and all

In due course of time, after satisfying myself with the achievements like setting up a Library - a reading room, a small shop with the needy medicines, a cinema tent and such, I started concentrating on protected water supply while persuing the matter of electrification with REC. A few hundreds of letters were written and prominent one among them was a letter written to the then Prime Minister of the Country Shri Charan Singh who accepted my approach. I was invited to Delhi and It was a day most memorable in my life when I could convince the REC people for electrification of the village. An order was issued accordingly and I was quite happy that my presence in the village could yield some fruitful results though it costed me heavily.
Soon after coming back I requested the Zilla Parishad to grant Water Scheme to supply protected water to the entire village. Survey team was sent by them.

The First Light thro a Diesel Engine

Somehow I was successful when I persuaded Sri Subba Raju - one of the contractors of the village to set up one cinema tent and he bought one cinema tent with a single projector from somewhere near Chittoor and brought the tent to the Village. A trail run was done after setting up the Tent and the single projector. One small 80 watt bulb started blickering at a hight which was visible for all the villagers. That day was really a day when the people of the village was shown what a bulb was and how it gives light. A loudspeaker was set up and songs were played on it with a mike on advertisement lines as to what picture was on display. Only one show was shown by the exhibitor. Film reels of the old pictures were brought to the village through the only available transport - the public transportation bus. The picture was exhibited from 7.30 p.m onwards when all the villagers complete their routine work and get some free time. Every twenty to thirty minutes there were breaks after a reel for the change of the reel since the cinema was exhibited on a single projector. Ten minutes break was given for each reel and during that time tea, snacks etc were sold in the hall. The tent used to get filled up with smoke through cigars, cigarettes, local beedis etc and it was eye burning situation for those who were sitting in the hall. The picture was exhibited till midnight and there was only one show a day.
This was surely a land mark in the lives of the villagers and I was quite happy when villagers approached me and thanked me for initiating setting up of a cinema tent. Even today - say after 30 years or so villagers surely remember that historic day of the village

Efforts on Electrification of the village